Regina Copeland
Anderson County Trustee

Welcome to the Anderson County Trustee’s website. This website provides information to help you with things like checking on or paying your county property taxes or determining whether you qualify for property tax relief. Our office staff is here to answer questions regarding your county taxes. If you need us, please stop by the courthouse office, one of or our branch offices, or call our main office at 457-6233.

The Trustee is the banker for Anderson County.   The County Trustee has three major functions: (1) collecting the county’s property taxes as well as funds from the state and federal government; (2) accounting for and disbursing county funds to the county school systems and the county general fund; and (3) investing temporarily idle county funds until it is needed by the county school board or county commission.

The Trustee also administers the Tax Relief Program and Tax Freeze Program for the county and its cities.