Payment of Taxes FAQ

When are Anderson County property taxes due?

Anderson County property taxes are due the first Monday in October each year. However, you may pay your taxes through the last day of February of the following year without interest or penalty charges.

Where can I pay my taxes?

You can pay online here using a credit card, debit card, or online check.  All online payments require that the taxpayer pay a bank service fee.

Alternatively, you can mail your check or money order made payable to AC Trustee to:

Anderson County Trustee
100 North Main Street, Room 203
Clinton, TN 37716

You may also bring your payment to the Trustee’s office or one of our branch locations listed below to pay in person:

Anderson County Courthouse
100 North Main Street, Room 203
Clinton, TN 37716
phone: 865-457-6233

Oak Ridge Branch Office and Drive-Thru

Larry Dickens Building
728 Emory Valley Road, Suite D
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
phone: 865-483-7999

Clinton Drive-Thru
Robert Jolley Building
101 South Main Street
Clinton, TN 37716

North Anderson County Office
Hensley’s Shopping Center Suite D
3310 Andersonville Highway
Andersonville, TN 37705
phone: 865-494-7044

My mortgage company pays my taxes. What do I do with this bill?

Tax information is forwarded to mortgage companies upon their request. The notice (or bill) you received is for your records. If a new company is servicing your loan or the notice includes taxes for years other than the current year, please contact your mortgage company.

Can I make partial payments?

Yes. The Trustee’s Office accepts partial payments. As long as the taxes are paid in full by the due date there will be no interest charges. Interest charges are required by the State of Tennessee and cannot be waived by the Trustee. Interest accrues monthly at a rate of 1.5% after the last day of February for each tax year.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. The Trustee’s office accepts payments via Visa and Mastercard. You may also pay using your checking account by providing your routing number and account number.

An additional 2.65% bank processing fee and $1 bank convenience fee will be added to all credit card and online checking transactions.

Can I receive a discount for paying early?

No. There are no discounts available for early payment.

How do I pay late taxes?

Interest on unpaid taxes accrues monthly at a rate of 1.5% after the last day of February for each tax year.  Late taxes and interest can be paid at the Trustee’s office after the last day of February for each tax year until March 29 of the following year. After that, late taxes and interest charges and any additional court and legal fees must be paid at the Clerk and Master’s Office located on the third floor of the Courthouse.  All late taxes, interest and fees must be paid for all previous tax years to the Clerk and Master before the Trustee’s office can accept payment of taxes for the current year.

How can I appeal my assessment

If you disagree with the Property Assessor’s appraised value of your property, you may appeal to the Anderson County Board of Equalization before June 1 of each year. Property owners must file appeals within the time frame set by the County Board or lose all rights of appeal. You may contact the Property Assessor at (865) 457-6225 if you have questions concerning this process.

If you disagree with the County Board’s decision, you may appeal to the State Board of Equalization within 45 days.  You may contact the State Board at (615) 401-7883.

I am due a refund. How and when do I receive it?

A tax overpayment or Assessment Decrease may entitle you to a tax refund. Assessment decreases may be issued from the Property Assessor, County Board of Equalization, or State Board of Equalization. The County Trustee’s office issues refunds.

Contact Trustee Customer Service at (865) 457-6233 regarding refunds on e-check & credit card payments.