Tax Sale

How do I redeem my property that was sold in a County Tax Sale?

If a taxpayer’s property was sold in a county tax sale, they should contact the Clerk and Master at (865) 457-6205 to obtain the correct amount needed to redeem their property. If a taxpayer’s property was sold, they have one year, in most cases from the date of the confirmation of the sale to redeem the property. Once the amount due has been verified, the individual should then secure an attorney to have them prepare a required Petition and Order to complete the redemption process.

How do I purchase property from Anderson County?

Individuals interested in purchasing Anderson County owned properties should contact the County Mayor’s Office at (865) 457-6200.

How can I get a list of properties being sold?

A listing of properties being sold in each tax sale is published approximately 30 days prior to the sale date by the Clerk and Master’s office. Call (865) 457-6205 for more information